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United Evangelical Christian Fellowship(UECF) is a Non Denominational Indian Christian Church started by Telugu Christians.


1 East Broad Street, 
Westfield, NJ-07090 
(For GPS: 130 Ferris Place, Westfield, NJ)




Sunday Worship: 5:30 PM

Sunday School: 5:30 PM

Bible Study: Every Month 2nd Friday at 8:00 PM

Women's Prayer Meeting: Every Month 4th Friday at 8:00 PM

Fellowship Snacks/ Meal follows the Sunday Service Fellowship Roster

Regular Old Age Home Visits and Outreach Tracts and Jesus Movie DVDs distribution on regular basis with prior notice in the Church

Holy Communion will be administered every month 4th Sunday


Jesus Telugu Movie
Jesus English Movie
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Acharya R. R. K. Murthy Messages


Bro. Harry Gomes Messages

Mrs. Jaya Sudha Testimony
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Nagma's Living Testimony to the Everlasting God

Sis. Grace Tsappidi Books

Late Y. S. Jayamma Audio Biography
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Dr. T. D. Prasanna Kumar messages

Telugu Passion of the Christ

Guns to Gospel - True story of Michael Vijaya Kumar

Bro. Santhavardhan's Testimony

Bro. Yesanna's Testimony

Anil Kant's Testimony

Sadhu Sundar Singh's life story

Bro. Bakht Singh- Life and Legacy

John_Bunyan - Piligrims Progress

UECF Souvenir

Spandana Special
December Spandana
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Mr. Alfred Bhaskar

Rev. Samuel Schimitthenner
Mrs. Dayamani Kalyanapu Funeral
Late. Mrs. Mary Bethala  
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Rev. Solomon Sowlollu 
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Rev. G. John

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United Evangelical Christian Fellowship (UECF), New Jersey, USA is a Non Denominational Indian Christian Church. We welcome everyone to come, worship and be Blessed! 

UECF ministers to the spiritual needs within the congregation, the community and the world at large. We meet every
Sunday evening at 5:30 PM for an inspiring Praise and Worship Service and sermons based on solid Biblical teachings with Holy Communion (on 4th Sunday of every month). We have adult Bible studies, Programs for Sunday school children and Youth. Our outreach work includes monthly old age home visits, gospel tract distribution and supporting various missions in India and other countries. UECF.NET is a popular Christian website and a gateway to Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Hindi and English Christian Songs, Audio Bible in various languages, Daily Devotions and other useful Bible resources. UECF seeks to minister to spiritual and temporal needs within the congregation, the community, and the world at large, consistent with standards of biblical teaching.
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Rev. Dr. David Ravinder  will bring the Word of God on Sunday, Sep 27th at 5:30PM
Prayer Request: Mrs. Bhavani Raya(73 Years), Mother of Mrs. Susan Bushi went to be with the Lord on Sep 20th in Hyderabad
Mrs. Bhavani Raya is survived by her husband, Prabhakar Raya, son, Sam Dindayal, and daughter, Susan Bushi and brother Dr. Raju Balla. She will also be missed by her grandchildren, Sharon and Stephen Bushi, Dana and Lena Dindayal, as well as her daughter in law, Bano Dindayal and son in law, Simon Bushi. In addition to being an excellent wife, mother and grandmother, she will be remembered by many students she mentored and taught as a Telugu lecturer at the Stanley girls college. She was an active member of various ministries and participated in every event with passion and dedication. Above all, she loved the Lord with all her heart, soul and mind, living every moment of her life with the expectant joy of one day being in the presence of her Savior.
UECF Christmas Celebrations in New Jersey - TV5 Coverage
UECF Christmas Celebrations TV9 Coverage   2014 Christmas Pictures

New Address: First United Methodist Church,  1 East Broad StreetWestfield, NJ-07090 (For GPS: 130 Ferris Place, Westfield, NJ)  Email: info@uecf.net  

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran's Sunday Message at UTCFVA

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran's Saturday Message at UTCFVA

UECF Choir at UTCFVA Family Conference
Watch Night/ New Year Eve Pictures   2013 CHRISTMAS Pictures  
TV5 UECF Christmas Coverage
ECF Christmas Coverage
Virginia Christian Family Conference - 2013 Photos & Videos
UECF.NET Archives from 2002 to 2013(Please select the Year and the highlighted Date) 

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ThumbnailSis. Jayasudha(Film Actress and Secunderabad MLA)'s Testimony at UECF   PHOTOS
Thumbnail TV 9 UECF Christmas Celebration Coverage   2012 CHRISTMAS Pictures  Watch Night Servie/ New Year Eve Pictures
UECF 15 Years Anniversary Celebrations Pictures     UECF 15th Anniversary Souvenir     12/02/12 Pictures   
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English Songs - UECF Choir
Maranamu Gelichenu Samaadhini - UECF Choir
Adigadigo Devuni Gorre Pilla - Jonathan Merigala
Hindi Song - Mr. Nishanth & Mrs. Karuna Dwaram
Vijaya Ghosha Vinipinchenu Vishvamamtha - UECF Choir
Kaluvarigiri Siluvalo - UECF Choir
Jo Krus Pe Qurban Hai - UECF Choir
Siluvalo Saagindi Yaatra - Mrs. Neelima Koreka
Deva Needu - Mr. Merigala & Mr. Raja Kalapati
Oka Saari Aalochinchavaa Oh Sodaraa!
Neeti Vaagula Koraku
Hallelujah Paadeda
Srushti Kartha YesunSthuthimchedamu
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Bro. Bakht Singh- Life and Legacy 
Telugu Passion of the Christ 
Jesus Telugu Movie  Other Languages
Sadhu Sundar Singh's life story
John_Bunyan - Piligrims Progress 
Ee Tharaaniki Yesu
Novah's Ship
Trinity Broadcasting Network(TBN) Video Gallery 
Inspirational Christian Movies from Day Spring 


Homage to Dr. Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy by Bro. Joshua(Phani) Pilli, UECF(Video)
Pictures of Dr. Y. S. Rjasekhara Reddy's Memorial Service by American Telugu Organizations 
Dr. Y. S. R's Condolences meeting - Great Andhra Coverage 
Dr. Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy's Homage by UECF Pictures
Bro. Anil Kumar at UTCFVA Conference Pictures
A 92-year-old woman from Dyersburg, Tennessee recently turned an attempted robbery into an opportunity to minister to the would-be robber
Yesu Prema  G. Jairaj & Party 
Yobu Charitra G. Jairaj & Party
Dhanavanthudu Beeda Lazaru G. Jairaj & Party
Daveedu Vijayam  G. Jairaj & Party
Daaveedu Simhaasanam G. Jairaj & Party
Bhaktha Yohanu G. Jairaj & Party
Telugu Christian Padyaalu Pastor Gottipati Yesudas


Yosebu Charitra Nanchariah, Kanaka Raju, Chinna Nanchariah
Daaveedu Charitra Nanchariah, Kanaka Raju, Chinna Nanchariah
Moshe Charitra Luke Babu Rao Master, Gorrela Ramu, Gorrela Krishna
Poola Gampa Luke Babu Rao Master, Gorrela Ramu, Gorrela Krishna
Samsonu Delilah B. Kanthamma, K. Nageswara Rao, K. Arjuna Rao
True Life Story of Sri. Thayappan
35 Years of Ministry - Evangelist  Late Narayan Paul
Easter article Prof. David Nirikshana Rao Kurakula
Sola Gratia, Sola Fide Soli Deo Gloria Prof. David Nirikshana Rao 
Intersting Facts about Bible
Bakt Singh - Faithful Servant of God
Sadhu Sundar Singh
William Carey (The Father of Indian Christian Missions)
Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church(AELC)
Last Days Ministries


UECF 10th Anniversary
Yesu Gaana Lahari  Dr. Rapaka John Bilmoria
Divya Thaara Velasindi Rev. Dr. Santhavardhan
Sthuthi Geethaanjali- Mahima Rev. Dr. Santhavardhan
Sthuthi Geethaanjali Rev. Dr. Santhavardhan
Ecclesia Ministries episode 5 Bishop Daniel Kalyanapu
Ecclesia Ministries episode 4 Bishop Daniel Kalyanapu
Ecclesia Ministries episode 3 Bishop Daniel Kalyanapu
Ecclesia Ministries episode 2 Bishop Daniel Kalyanapu
Ecclesia Ministries episode 1 Bishop Daniel Kalyanapu
Gethsemane Prayer Fellowship Bro. Y. Venu Gopal
Edi Praarambha Kraishava Prabhanjanam Bible Open University
Bro. D. G. S. Dhinakaran's farewell service 
Bro. D. G. S. Dhinakaran homage 
Late Mary akka(Bro. Yesanna's sister) 
Mahonnathuda  Bro. Yesanna
Naa Daagu Chotu Bro. A. R. Stevenson
Sevinchedanu Ninnilalo Bro. A. R. Stevenson
Naa Hrudayamuloniki Bro. A. R. Stevenson
Manishi O Manishi Nee Vevaru 
Sthuthi Paadanaa Rev. Raja Babu
Raajulaku Raaju Yesu Hallelujah  Rev. Raja Babu
Velugu Light Album Dennis Doddigarla, Udit Narayan 
Velugu Light Album Dennis Doddigarla, Haraharan, Clinton
Putte Nesudu Nedu sung by Americans Composer: Vara

Silvalo Naakai Kaarchenu Yesu Rakthamu M M Srilekha 

Moyaleka Silva Baramu  Vara Prasad
Yenduko Nanninthagaa Neevu Raj Prakash Paul Calvery India
Nasiyinchu Aathmalenniyo Calvery India
Naakunna Chinna Korika Neelima
Mera Bharath Mahaan - Vijay Benedict
Pray For India - Anil Kant & Johny Lever
Ibaadat Karo - Anil Kant, Reena Kant & Shreya Kant
Khuda Se Maango Mile Ga - Jagajit Singh & Anil Kant 
Meri Rooh - Anil Kant
Parbaton Ko Dekunga Main 
Mere Yesu Mere Shreya Kant, Issac Dailey
Meri Rooh Khudaa Mai Maanga Hai Jagjit Singh, Anil Kant
Neele Aasumaa Ke Paar Jaayenge
Blind Children Singing 


Revelation - Human Video 
There is a Redeemer Jesus God's own Son
Above all powers Above all nations
Here I am to worship Here I am to bow down 


Andhra Christian Keerthanalu
Andhra Christian Keerthanalu Pdf
Telugu Songs in English Script
Telugu Christian Songs 
English Christian Songs - Cyber Hymnal 
Sunday School Songs - Little Lambs Ministry
Sunday School Songs: Lyrics & Tunes 
Kids Sunday School Songs Lyrics 
Malayalam Songs 
Tamil Christian Songs 

Adbutha Rakshana Swasthatha Saakshyaalu
Sis. Grace Vijaya
My First Book  Sis. Grace Vijaya
Aadyaathmika Satyaalu  Sis. Grace Vijaya
Spandana Rev. Dr. Devasahayam Dandala
Viluva Rev. Barnabas Sajja
Jesus witnesses of this generation Sis. Grace Vijaya
Jerusalem Trip Sis. Grace Vijaya
Late Y. S. Jayamma biography  Mrs. B. Vimala Reddy
Dr. Sreedhar Khandavalli's testimony
Telugu Christian Books & Articles 
Martin Luther's 95 Theses Rev. Ravi Prasad Penke
Foxe's Book of Martyrs
Orissa Burning
Persecution and Revival in India News coverage
Indian Pastor beaten by mob
Christian Persecution in India    download
US House Rep. Cliff Stearns on Indian persecution 
Graham Stains and his kids burnt alive 
Attacks on Christians in Orissa CNN IBN News
Indian Christians demand protection
Attacks on Christians on Christmas Day 
Attacks on Christians in Chattisgarh IBN News
Recent Incidents of Persecution in India


CSITCNY online Obituaries updates everyday
Asamanadaivam new album by Bro. Raja Kalapati
Progress of Baer Hospital, Chirala
Witnessing Christ in India
Gujarati Christian Songs and Sermons 
Telugu Daily Audio Bible
Velugu Telugu Christian IPTV
Revival in Meghalaya, India 
Caste Massacres - India 
A question of Faith - India 


25 Beutiful Short Phrases
666 Chip
A God centered life
A Rare Photo
Buried hurts
Can We Understand God
City of lights
Correcting without being critical
Death of Jesus
Human Brain Miracles
Faith in God
Finding faith
GOD won't ask
I heard the bells
It Depends
Overcoming adversity
Psalm 23
Quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
Resist discouragement
Take a break
Tears of a woman
The big rocks
The centre of the bible
The Prayer By Andre Bocelli Celine Dion
The true christmas
The trust strength
The wise oldman
Warren Buffet
What Jesus did
Where God Wants Me
Would you run

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