UECF Church 3rd Thanksgiving Prayer Meeting with Holy Communion followed by PICNIC will be held on Oct 03rd from 10:00AM to 7:00PM followed by bonfire. Fellowship Roster
Address: Fellowship Deaconry, 3575 Valley Rd, Basking Ridge, NJ-07920
As a Church family lets come together to praise and worship for all His goodness in our lives especially in this pandemic .. We can testify how God has been gracious in our lives during the lockdown period ... lets all give thanks to the Lord for keeping all safe ... we can also spend some time in prayer especially we can pray for all the front liners for all their sacrifices and act of Love and Care in this pandemic .... We have ordered Sanitizers. masks, gloves, oxygen saturation meters, thermometers and all necessary things that we need to stick to the guidelines to keep us all safe ... Please continue to pray for this thanksgiving event ... #UECFThanksgivingMeet #UECFFamilyPraise&Worship #Testimonies #WordofGod #BibleQuizes #YouthGames #Prizes #SummerOuting
UECF Annual Family Picnic Photos 
2020 UECF Church 2nd Thanksgiving Prayer Meeting folloed by PICNIC Pictures
2020 Thanksgiving 1st Thanksgiving Prayer Meeting followed by PICNIC Pictures
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2019 Family Retreat Pictures
2018 2nd Summer Picnic Pictures
2018 Picnic Pictures
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