Bro. Jakki Devaraju Songs
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Sri. Jakki Devaraju was born on 6th August 1938 in the bucolic and idyllic town of Dachepalli, Palnadu Taluk, Guntur District. His early education was in ULCM High School, Guntur. He graduated in Science from Andhra Christian College, Guntur in the year 1953-57. Later he acquired his Masterís Degree in Education. In the year 1959 he was appointed as a Mathematics B.Ed Asst. in Lutheran High School, Rajahmundry and thus began a thirty seven year-long tryst with teaching. After a distinguished career as a teacher of high repute he retired from service in 1997.

Interests: He is a man of varied interests and music stands out to be his prime area of concern. His passion for music was engendered when he, as a young boy of eight, followed for quite a distance a street vendor of flutes, who was playing a lilting tune on one of his flutes. Subsequently he learned Karnatic on flute and mesmerized everyone with his artistry in playing the instrument. His flair for music was not confined to just the flute. He developed extraordinary skill in playing the guitar and made everyone spellbound with his wizardry in playing the instrument. Being a versatile musician, he could also pass off as an accomplished keyboard player. He is a multifaceted man. He is an avid sports lover. He was the captain of his college team in Football. He represented Guntur town team in Hockey. He was a notable gymnast and weightlifter in his heyday. On the whole he liked music and sports besides teaching. 

Life before Salvation: His life before salvation was typically worldly. He was a member of a cine orchestra and toured from place to place captivating people with his prowess in playing various musical instruments. He also participated actively in various sports tournaments. Over all he indulged in temporal pleasures with little or no restraint. 

Family Information:  He was born in an orthodox Lutheran family. He was the youngest of the seven children in his family. His father, a strict martinet, was a teacher and his mother a loving housewife. He was later married to Murari Mary Angeline, a Secondary Grade Teacher in the year 1964. He has three children, two sons, Sunil Rocky and Christian Kanakaraju, and a daughter, Phoebe Ratna. His upbringing was typically Christian. In his early childhood, a strong foundation was laid in the Word of God and prayer. A memorable incident in his life was that of the Missionaries of God, who visited India at that time, putting their hand on his head and praying for him. He was just a five year old then. But as he entered his teenage the doorway for sin has also been opened. Another unforgettable incident in his life was at the age of 14 he used to weep inconsolably filled with remorse towards his wayward ways. As he grew up his heart had also hardened with age and he led a life of unrestricted freedom until he turned 30. But Godís love for him has never changed. In the month of May, 1969 God awakened his conscience and the Spirit of God convicted him of his sinful life. One day he repented of his sins and knelt down and prayed God to speak to him. He opened the Bible at random and began to read it expecting to hear the voice of God. He was reading Isaiah 54 and when he came to verse 10, he realized that God was speaking to him through that verse. God told him that his grace shall not depart from him as would his covenant of peace. The Word came to him by the illumination of the Spirit of God and he realized how gracious God has been towards him, an awful sinner and that was the turning point of his life. From then on God gave him many spiritual experiences through the Word of God. God endued him with the gift of evangelism ever since. The Lord has used him for the past 46 years as an evangelistic teacher cum preacher. God also endowed him with the gift of composing and writing gospel songs and hymns. The Lord has allowed him to compose more than 150 songs and use them for his glory. In his humble ministry of evangelism, God gave him much fruit with regard to the salvation of souls. 

Association with UESI: He was introduced to the ministry of UESI in the year of 1970. Since then he has served in UESI in all cadres in camps, conferences and in seminars. God strengthened him much through his preaching. He received much by giving much to others. He is still serving God through UESI and through many other independent churches across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra etc. In the year 1996 he visited Billy Grahamís Association in Amsterdam, Holland. 


Devaraja Sthuthi
Andaala Aashakiranam
Ankitham Jeevitham
Arerare Nedo Repo
Aascharyamaina Prema
Yevaro Paapamandu
Yerugumu Yesuni
Yentha Dooramo
Oke Oka Maargamu
Krupaabharithunda Yesu
Krupaa Kanikaramula Devaa
Kraisthavamaa Yuvataramaa
Kraisthavaa Meluko
Kreesthesulo Aikyatha
Ghanadaiva Divi Teja
Jeevamu Neeve Naakai
Thalliaina Maruchunemo
Dinadinambu Yesuku
Dooramarigina Chinni
Devaa Nee Naamam Paavana
Daivam Prema Swaroopam
Naa Priya Yesu Raajaa
Naa Jeevitha Vyadhalandu
Naakai Cheelchabadina
Naakemi Koduva Inka
Ninnugaaka Yevvarini
Ninnu Vembadincheda
Neeti Yoota Yodda
Nee Jeevitham Viluvainadi
Neeve Naa Maargamu
Paramandali O Maa Thandri
Prabhuvaa Pampumu
Prabhu Kreesthe Nija Daivamu
Prabhu Panilo Nilichi
Bhaavi Taraaniki Baatagaa
Mhahaa Devaa Mahonnathudaa
Mahima Kaanthilo
Meluko Vishvaasi
Yesayaa Premaamayaa
Yesunaathuni Chenta Cherumu
Yesuni Prema Yesuvaartha
Yesulo Aanandinthunu
Yesuni Premanu Yemaarakanu
Saagipodamaa Siddipondagaa
Swaroopamaina Sogasainaa
Snehithudu Praana Priyudu
Sthuthiki Paathruda Devaa
Sthuthi Mahima Ghanatha
Anthaa Nuthaname
Choodumu O Paapi
Jayamu Kreesthu
Yesuni Premanu Yemaarakanu
Swaroopa Maina Sogasu
Krupa Kanikaramula Deva
Nedo Repo Vasthaa Desayyaa
Neeve Naa Maargamu
Naakinka Yemi Koduva Yesayyaa
Paramandan Maa Thandri


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