Deva Gaanaalu -Rev. Dr. Devasahayam Dandala

Evangelist Dr. Devasahayam Dandala, Savior's Heartbeat Ministries, Vijayawada has been in the Christian ministry for the past 20 years in teaching and crusade ministries along with his Spiritual Mentor, Rev. Dr. R. R. K. Murthy.

Rev. Dandala has taught the message from the Holy Bible on 'FEBA Radio' for four years and his programs are televised in 'Teja Channel' for three years. 
Rev. Dandala is the Editor of 'Spandana Spiritual Magazine' where it is circulated to 10,000 copies around the globe. 
Rev. Dandala is the founder and president of 'SAVIOR'S HEARTBEAT MINISTRIES'.
Since founding Saviors Heartbeat Ministries in 1997, Pastor Deva has led a remarkable effort to bring the people of India to salvation through Jesus Christ.  God has allowed this ministry to go into remote areas where people have not yet heard the Gospel.  Pastor Deva's heart is that the people of India should know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Over the years, Pastor Deva and his associates have been involved in many activities including: Presently with 40 orphan and poor children, the Little Angels Home project is of immense and immediate need.  God willing, SHB is planning to have 100 children accommodated. 

Spandana Spirutual Magazine
Spandana Spirutual Monthly Magazine

Saviors Heartbeat Ministries,
P.O. Box 415, Vijayawada - 520 002, A.P., INDIA
Phone:  011-91-866-2539547
Devaa Neventhaina Nammadaginavaadavu
Manasaa Pakshilaa Yegirevu
Aaraadhinthunu Devaa Ninnu
Goppavaade Yesu Goppavaade
Jeeva Nadi Pravahisthunnadi
Naa Kanneellu Naa Nittorpu
Nammadaginavaadu Immaniyelu
Prabhu Yese Naa Priya Kaapari





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