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My Testimony - Dr.Saini Raj Kundapati
I came to God in 2001 because of some situations I had, but I was not able to continue because of not having right person in my life to guide me to grow spiritually. Anyway I could understand something about God. I was also scared of Him that He will punish me if I do something wrong. It is not in anyway a genuine personal relationship with Him. In December 2009 I moved from NY to Chicago, where I met a nice spiritual couple called Azariah and Sasikala. It is a pastor’s family. On the 29th of December 2009 they visited us. They counseled me regarding my spiritual relationship with God and explained me how I can have such relationship with God. Then I was convicted that I didn’t have personal relationship with the Lord. Then Pastor Azariah led me to confess my sins and then prayed for me. They have been helping me to know more to grow spiritually. My life has been completely changed. Now I don’t see God as just God anymore, but I see Him as my Father also. 

Since January 2010 I have been looking for a part time job before I can get into residency, and I have been sending my resume to different hospitals and clinics but no one had called me for an interview. Meanwhile as a new believer, I have been growing spiritually experiencing intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father and at the same time I have also been praying for residency (specialization in medicine ) for which the selections would be finalized in march and I hadn’t gotten anywhere. My faith was strong and I knew in my heart that my Father wouldn’t leave me as an orphan but would surely help me and show me a way. 

God gave me peace and joy and nothing seemed bad for me. Actually I was the person who used to think about the future in advance and plan things accordingly. I was always used to become tense and worried and also make my parents worried too along with me. Now I am completely different staying peaceful because I know my Father who is greater than any thing I am facing now or going to face in future.

As I was being peaceful and praying one day I received an e-mail from a research company on 23rd of March asking if I can come for interview for the job of Research Assistant. They told me on the 31st of March that some doctor, whom I don’t know, sent them my resume. I wasn’t sure whether to go or not but prayed about it, and I finally went for the interview. Four persons interviewed me and they asked me one question; “Do you think you are the right person for this job.” The day before the interview I read Paul’s words in the Bible that we shouldn’t boast about ourselves. At that time these words came up to my mind and so I answered them, “if you ask me whether I can do what I need to do in my job I will say ‘Yes’, but if you ask me whether I am the right person for the job I can’t answer with ‘yes’ as I don’t like to boast about myself.” I continued saying, “instead of all that, I like if my co-worker, who has seen my potential, says Saini is good at work”. In general I was a type of shy and scary person and usually get anxiety attacks before public, but that day I was bolder than ever before. I could talk boldly only because of the grace of our God who is my strength. I rejoiced in the Lord as I came outside for doing what pleases my Father.

Two days later I told my neighbor about this. He, who enquired from his primary care physician, later suggested that it will be good to accept this research job if I get it and told me that I should call and also e-mail them with a motive to show them that I am interested in their job. The next day I withdrew writing email which I began, as I became restless and I felt that I shouldn’t write it. I again started applying for more jobs at least 3-4 a day. And the days going by while I was spending more time with God, who has been talking to me through His Word and helping me to fix myself in the things that God do not like in me and which are against Him such as pride. This way I was growing as a new person in Christ.

My sister called me on the 26th April, Monday, and told me that I and my brother should go to India to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday on the 8th of May as she was arranging a big party with all my relatives in India, and also with my mom and dad who went to India to take care of some family things and stayed there. I replied to her that I should need to pray before I let her know. Meanwhile I and my brother started looking for tickets for the 4th and 5th of May.

The next morning, on the 27th of April, I woke up with so many thoughts in my mind that I would go to India and preach Christ to the near and dear and also talk about God in the party. But the thoughts were so many that I wasn’t able to take them all and so I asked God to take them away as I had no peace in all of them and they gave me nothing but pressure. Then I went to gym and came back and took a shower and prayed to God. Then God spoke to me that I should not go to India. Then I realized how Satan can use the things we like in God only sometimes to get us away from God’s plan. I told my brother about God’s direction in not going to India. And now I was thinking how I can tell my sister about this. That day I was watching Joyce Meyer’s sermon online in which she mentioned that When we say ‘Yes’ to God and we have to say ‘no’ to our family, friends and anyone in some situations. I thought that the Word is for me and I called my sister and told her that we won’t be coming to India for now; but if God reveals something else we will let her know.

The next day on the 28th of April, Wednesday, for some reason I thought that I should wash my dress shirts and so I did accordingly, and while doing laundry I was asking God ‘why you are making me wash my clothes; are you giving me a job’, and laughed at myself .

Days passing by and on the 4th of May, Tuesday, I received an e-mail from the people who interviewed me asking if I could give them a call. Then I called them and it went to voice mail, but they called me back in an hour, around 10 a.m. asking me that my references are not answering their phones and asked me if I could give a new reference or ask my old ones if they could give them a call. So I called my cousin whose name I gave as a reference and explained the situation. So, she called them and in 30 min. she called me back saying that they had given me the job. It is paid research work and they also contacted my new reference my spiritual father Pastor Azariah, who responded to them giving the report of my spiritual life. But they hadn’t contacted me till 2:30 pm and asked me if I could go in there that day or the next day morning to sign the back ground check papers. I replied that I would go tomorrow as I was not sure if it was God’s will and as the delay would provide me the needed time to pray. Then I called my spiritual father asked them to pray about it and I also started praying and asking God “Lord if it is your will I have to feel your presence You have to go with me and when I talk to those people I should have a huge laugh on my face and I should be happy.

The next day, on the 5th May, Wednesday, while I was driving to the work place I felt so much God’s presence and I was almost crying and was asking God why He loves me that much and again asked ‘God are you loving me as much as you loved Enoch’. Then I called my spiritual father, and he prayed for me. That time I turned on Christian radio. Amazing! My favorite song “who am I “was on the radio, and then God also reminded me of the reason why He told me not to go to India. Actually that was the day we were supposed to leave for India as planned.

By now I reached the work place. My director asked me to tell her before I signed the papers why hadn’t I contacted them to express my interest if I was interested in it. I replied to her that I wanted to e-mail them earlier but God said ‘no', and so I hadn’t contacted them. (See! if I had sent them e-mails earlier she might not have asked me this question and I would not have witnessed to her about God’s hand in this. Thus, above all, God’s name was glorified with this answer). Then I asked her if I could talk to her about God and she replied o. k. Then I told her that I didn’t just ask God for the job, but I asked Him to give me the job wherever He likes me to work, and I know that she would call me if it is my Father’s will. And then she gave me the paper for the background check and asked me to sign on it. While I was doing, she explained me how much I get paid hourly and also said how much I get paid even for mileage, and if I need to travel by flight they will pay for the flight and hotel. Astonishingly, they are paying more than what residency pays. Another thing is that I can make my own schedule for the job. I became very happy at the information and thanked God. After signing she told me that she would call me on the following Monday, i.e. the 10th of May if once they receive the results of the background check. I started telling all that I got job, but Satan started inducing doubts in my mind saying what if my background check comes bad and I won’t get the job and thereby I would feel ashamed. Then I felt my Heavenly Father’s presence strongly, and I could understand that it would be fine as it is His will. So, I started telling more people and on the following Sunday I shared donuts to our Bible study class at the church telling them how I got the job. I told more people in our church and invited them to come to our next week’s Bible study, so that I could share the testimony to them.

On Monday the 10th of May the director hadn’t called me till 11 a. m and so I began getting little worried about it. Then I prayed to God, and at 12:15 p.m. the director called me and told me that she had just received the background check and asked me if I could go in. I went to the office and the director brought me contract papers and I could see the ending date of the contract as June 30, 2011, and actually the general residency for the next year starts on July 1st of 2011. I marveled at the way God did this in a planned way, and then I said to God how He is not giving me even a day off after I finish my research work as I shall start residency the very next day, and then laughed within myself. The whole week (May 10th to May 14th) I was getting my certifications done. They said that it took for my director and her assistant three weeks to finish these certifications, but I could do all of them by Thursday in the same week. It is really God’s grace. During that week God showed me different e-mails and resumes of those who applied for this job. Some are more qualified than me and some e-mailed them every week expressing their interest in the job, and moreover two of the directors were more favorable towards some other candidates but my name was never mentioned in those selective candidates. How great our God is! Thus I realized how our God can do great things. When God is on our side it doesn’t matter, nothing or no one stands against us, and God will take us to the higher places against all hurdles. Now God gave me this job, and I know He will give my residency too in 2011. He is my heavenly Father and He is more concerned about my future in the way our earthly parents do.

I applied for a few hundreds of jobs but God took me only to one interview and gave me that job. Probably He doesn’t want me to feel ashamed because of going to many interviews without being selected. He knows even my sensitive nature and my psychological weaknesses, and probably He does things accordingly because He is my Loving Father. He also feels pain when His children are going through temptations or hurdles. Sometimes they are needed in our lives to grow or to face something even greater than them, but He gave us the promise that says, “No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.” 1 Corinthians 10:13

If anyone of you are an unbeliever and are still living with the world, I like to say something now. When He first made our great grand parents Adam and Eve, He took time to (Almighty God took time to make us) make them with His own hands in His own image, and that’s how much He loves us! In return God expects from us only one thing; it is obedience. 

In Genesis 6: 6 it says “The Lord was grieved that he made man on the earth and His heart was filled with pain” – It is because of our wickedness and evil that filled our hearts.

I can suggest only one thing; whoever may be reading this “please accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior in to your heart and become obedient to Him and then see what amazing, impossible, unreasonable and great things He will do in your life”.

Dr. Saini Raj Kundapati

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Cell : 917-432-4249


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