My testimony

      I am Nisar.  I am glad to share my testimony with you all .As is evident I was born in a Muslim family with other four brothers. I carried on with the tradition of my family till the age of 23. Then many questions began to arise in my mind. Those questions had no answers. I indulged in intellectual pursuits in order to seek answers about God’s existence, His nature, His ability or inability. I searched for proofs. Those were the days a Christian girl, by name Suhasini came in to my life who became my wife later. She often spoke about Jesus and the God and so many related topics. She in return was always bombarded by questions and questions and arguments. Despite all this I never disagreed to attend Gospel meetings, Church programmes and youth programmes. Though I was never in agreement with what I used to hear and was told I always admired the folks’ purity of heart the different life style. The gentle talk. I admired their strength to bear an irritating character like me who was always ready to refute whatever they had said.

A remarkable person was Bro. Albert Samuel now he is with the Lord. He was so patient, so gentle always cautious not to displease God with his word or deed. I greatly admired him though I continued to disagree with the spiritual matters. I had a congenital heart disease and she was concerned and she took me to a female cardiologist who asked her to take me to Vellore by flight for an operation. She wept and prayed for my well being that night. The living Lord seemed to have answered her prayer. Nothing had happened as the cardiologist frightened.

I got married to Suhasini ‘while I was still a sinner.’ She showed Christ’s love by willing to marry knowing that I had the congenital heart disease. We were married on 20th Dec, 1978 at Union Chapel, Vizag in the presence of all my family members, cousins and uncle. My wife used to tune in to Vishwavani Hindi radio programme   early in the morning in the early years of our married life. The song ‘Teri aradhana karoon ‘and the pleasant Hindi messages had their balmy effect on my turbulent inner being. We had two children. My quest about the existence of God continued. I appreciated the atheistic and rationalistic arguments but one thing was plain. Despite the intellectualism it failed to offer the peace which was needed.

The years passed by and during one of my routine cardiac checkups another cardiologist confirmed that it was the time for my heart to undergo an open heart surgery for Aortic Valve Replacement. Now more than the operation what was posing a threat was the problem of huge money that was needed. My wife wanted me to be operated by Dr. K.M. Cherian in those days Madras. He was with the Madras Medical Mission in Madras. I argued with my wife that we could not afford the operation in a private hospital and suggested a government one instead for the simple reason that would be a bearable financial burden. My wife was adamant and assured me that her God would provide the money for the operation. No amount of my ridicule could change her. Then a dramatic event took place one evening in my house which shook the foundations of my atheism.

A Christian couple came home to see us. They were known to us but not our regular friends. We were surprised at their visit but carried on with hospitality. Finally y they got up to go away and then………..the man whose name was Sankar took out some money and tried to stuff it in to my pocket. I protested politely and asked him what it was for? He said what I never heard from any Muslim or Hindu so far! He said “you never asked us for it. We are giving because God told us to give you for your operation!!” God ……..Told…….. It was mind boggling………I never heard such a thing. It was something beyond my comprehension!!!! How could God (Whose existence according to me at that time was doubtful.) talk to humans??? Before I could get over the pleasant shock they had left. They left but left me in the labyrinths of reason. I was flabbergasted!!!!  My inner honesty was demanding a rational explanation to what I had heard from my benevolent benefactors. My wife’s faith bore fruit and many positive things happened in the form of financial help, physical assistance in an unknown city. My operation was successful. There was a patient by name Ram Das who had undergone the same operation as mine by the same surgeon but had died in the ward one morning. There was a chaplain in the hospital that used to visit me and pray for me not knowing that I was an atheist. I obliged to please my wife. Then we returned to Vizag happily.

 One day my wife said thoughtfully “Look, my Lord has saved you!” There came the quick retort from me “It was the brain and the skill of Dr. K.M. Cherian that saved me not your God.” Then she asked the soul touching question “If it was for Dr.K.M.Cherian then why did Ram Das die? He was younger than you and was operated by the same doctor?” My conscience demanded an honest answer from me. Time continued to  roll by and I noticed that I began to  admire God’s love for me and  was  drawn closer  slowly but steadily!!!! God even showed me the book which was present in my own personal library. He provided me answers for all my questions satisfactorily. So my ego was satisfied that it was not a case of blind faith but the faith which had a rational touch to it. Rest is history.

God has been blessing me abundantly in different ways by making me do what was impossible for me. The things which my ears never heard nor eyes ever saw started becoming a reality. God helped me to get a job in Sultanate of Oman. I worked there in the country for eight years. I love the Lord, praise Him and thank Him every day. God has brought me back to India and showed me what I am supposed to do for Him. The result? HILL CREST PRAYER MINISTRIES came in to being. I receive prayer requests and pray for the needs of the people every day and Lord has been doing His part by answering my prayers. Thank be to the Lord. Besides praying for the needs of the people God has given me the burden for the churches to improve spiritual standards. I have a burden for the pastors, preachers and the Christian workers.

I conduct the Christian Personality Development programmes regularly. So far I have conducted the programmes at Vizag,Vijaya nagaram, Srikakulam, Palakonda, V.R.Puram, and Koyyala Gudem and trained thousands of believers in bringing a qualitative change in their  Spiritual, social and mental lives.  My spiritual good friend Rev.Shalem, the director of Jeeva Jalamulu Radio ministry, Vizag took a keen interest and without whose initiative, cooperation, pains and encouragement the above programmes would not have been conducted so early in my life. I thank and praise the Lord for him.

- Bro. NISAR.