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Pastor John  Moses Doosi's Testimony


Rev. John Moses Dussi was formerly known as Appa Rao Dussi was born in the year 1972 in India. He was born in a very poor family of the untouchables, who were neglected and rejected by the society. His parents were so poor that they could not even provide for his basic amenities in life. Good food and clothing were always scarce. Education and decent life were distant dreams. He faced starvation, ill health, insult and tasted the depths and heights of poverty.

Unsheltered he moved  from place to place, person to person and from home to home seeking for normal living. Being an untouchable, he was rejected every where and denied help by every one. Though poor, his family was Orthodox in religion and strongly rooted in the Hindu beliefs.

As a boy, while seeking admission in government run hostel, he was denied a seat because he was too young for the hostel and so they changed his date of birth to 1970 and put him to 4th    grade when he was barely eligible for 1st grade. Though this was not correct he had no one to support and his parents were afraid of the denial of the admission as this will be the only provision for his food, clothing and shelter.

Personal Testimony…… Rev. John Moses Dussi.

As I was one of the badly hurt victim of poverty, since childhood onwards I had developed love and compassion for the poor and needy children who were like me. A few Indian social reformers and revolutionary leaders like Dr. B.R. Ambedkar inspired me whom I followed passionately. I began to write and sing songs that propagated their principles and the revolution. During my high school studies, I was given New Testament which I read diligently. The life and love of Jesus Christ attracted me because of his compassionate spirit. His love for the down trodden challenged me. As I read the Bible more and more it was evident that Jesus was the greatest social reformer and a great revolutionary person who loved the people but hated their sin. Soon I began to hunger to know more about Jesus. I understood that all the reformers that I followed were mere humans but I learnd that Jesus is indeed God and the Savior of mankind. Though I knew so much about Jesus, I didn’t believe him as my personal savior.


It was in the year 1988 when I was suffering from Typhoid fever, my sister took me to the church. The fever was so severe and every one thought I would die. But in the church when a believer prayed by applying oil on me, I felt a great relief and the fever simply vanished. This was new and amazing to me. It was then I realized the power and love of Jesus and soon I accepted him as my Lord and Savior.

An incident in 1991 moved me radically. Dalit Christians in Chundur, a village in Guntur district of my state were killed, cut into pieces, their body parts put in gunny bags and were thrown into a river. This hurled me back into social Reformation where I joined in a revolutionary group and voiced through writing and singing communist songs.


I did my Bachelor of arts in sociology and a diploma as a fitter in the Industrial Training Institute.

I was a journalist and worked in a city called Visakhapatnam. Later I joined as an agricultural officer at Bhubaneswar, Orissa. I also had Alpha Engineering workshop at Vizayanagaram. God blessed me in every work I did.

I have also studied at International Institute of Correctional Management Course in the year 2005 and in 2007 Restorative Justice in Queen’s University, Canada.


I was married to Ms. G. Sushma in the year 1999 on 17th February. She was a very strong believer. While I was steadily growing in political social services, my wife was so much concerned about my spiritual status. She pulled me into regular and fasting prayers. It was during these days on the early hours of Dec 30, 1999, i shared God’s voice in a vision. The voice I heard was FOLLOW ME, I WILL MAKE YOU FISHERS OF MEN”. 

The next day I shared this with my wife. After both of us prayed and sought the lord for some more clarity and direction, we made a decision. In February 2000, I resigned from my job and joined the Lord’s work fulltime.



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